Dystopian Society In George Orwell's 1984

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Imagine a society that is perfect in every way. A society where everyone follows the rules and is happy in every way. Now imagine the same place but behind closed doors the government is secretly controlling every little thing their citizens do. A place where every citizen is watched twenty four seven even in their own homes. This is the difference between a Utopia, a happy society and a Dystopia a illusion of a perfect society. George Orwell or Eric Blair is the author of 1984 a society based on what he thought the future should be like. Kurt Vonnegut is the author of "Harrison Bergeron" a futuristic United States in 2081 based on the way to have peace is to have everyone be equally. Neil Burger direct Divergent a movie in where society…show more content…
Even though there are many ways they are the same they can also be very different on how they run or function there society. Fear being the most common way dystopian society's are the same. In 1984 Big Brother and the Inner Party use fear to control the citizens of Oceania. The Thought Police who monitors citizens behavior on a daily basis is one way big brother and the inner party established fear the "Thought Police watch everyone all the time" (Orwell 6) . By being watched twenty four seven by Big Brother and the Inner Party the citizens are in constant fear. The society of "Harrison Bergeron" establish fear by giving the illusion that if people of USA year 2081. Were not equal then society would fall apart. In 2081 where people were given handicaps so they could not be as smart or strong as anyone else. By taking of these handicaps some believed that soviet would go back to the "dark ages" (Vonnegut 2) . The fear of being different out ways the struggle of being the same. In the movie Divergent establishes fear by having the teen citizens of futuristic Chicago take placement test to see which faction out of five you would be in. Each faction had there own job from farming to law and order. By being divergent meant that you did not just fit in to one faction but all factions and that was dangerous to that society. Being able to fit in to any faction causes fear for the government so the divergent were hunted down and killed. Even though fear is a common way dystopian society's are the same they are also different on how they function. In 1984 Big Brother and the Inner Party use propaganda to control the society. Posters like "Big Brother is watching you" (Orwell 5) is just one of the many ways Big Brother and the Inner Party control their citizens. By having these propaganda posters everywhere is how Oceania is runned by telling them they are constantly being watched. In
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