Dumping In Dixie Chapter Summary

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“Dumping in Dixie: Race, Class, and Politics of Place” By Robert Bullard In “Dumping in Dixie: Race, Class, and Politics of Place”, Robert Bullard, the author and furthermore an environmental sociologist, emphasizes the importance of environmental justice from his own experience in the southern Unites States in the late 1970’s. The thrust of his selection was to emphasize the illusion that was created in the southern states during the late 1970’s and 1980’s, where the south was described as a “new growth machine”. However the uneven growth of the population resulted in many challenges for colored individuals who faced institutionalized discrimination, which refers to the unjust and discriminatory mistreatment of groups of individual by high…show more content…
In general, the social conflict perspective is an assumption first introduced by Karl Marx that social life is shaped by various groups and individuals who struggle and/or compete with one another over various resources, resulting in forms of distribution of power, wealth, and rewards in societies and social systems. These shape the patterns of everyday life as well as things such as racial, ethnic, and class inequality and relations among individuals. In the selection, the institutionalized discrimination African Americans suffered, would be considered a social conflict perspective. Majority of the African Americans are constantly competing for jobs, opportunity, decent housing, representation, and equality moreover anything. For example the movement of polluted institutions to the ghettos where majority of the African American race resided, illustrated the incredible under representation of the African American community. Governments were aware of the issues and frustrations that were faced in the ghettos, and the job hungry energy. Although African Americans were aware that this source of work was harmful, they were left with no choice but to work for those to earn the necessary money they

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