How Did African Americans Influence The Harlem Renaissance

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Blacks in the Harlem Renaissance Have you ever wondered what life would be like if you were judged because of your skin color? If you have, you most likely didn’t imagine it being very fun. Some African Americans are still treated unfairly today, but before the Harlem Renaissance, almost all African Americans were treated not only unfair, but were also treated as slaves. African Americans wanted to make a difference and show the world that they were just the same as everyone else. African Americans did just that by becoming singers, songwriters, composers, poets, etc. They had changed America forever with this time era named, The Harlem Renaissance, the period where creativity sprouted in the United States. African Americans decided to…show more content…
This then influenced other blacks to protest against racial violence by using personal experiences and putting them into their own works of art. They thought that maybe, white americans would realize they were not being fair to others and that everyone should be treated the same. Many wanted to try poetry, others wanted to compose music, sing, and play instruments. Only a few people showed through because their work stood out, but it wasn’t enough to show the others how they felt. They needed a lot more people to jump in and show their feelings too. Many were scared for the white americans reactions, and others were so tired of being treated like that that they didn’t care what the white americans did. Poetry was one of the many things that african americans did to show their feelings. They used past experiences and what they felt during that time, present experiences and what they were feeling, and what they wanted the future to look like for them, and America. Many of them made a big difference while others didn’t. Maybe because they didn’t write about their feelings or what they wanted to change about America. Whatever it was, it did not interest white Americans. Jazz was one…show more content…
After this, blacks began to feel less violated of the white americans, but they still had past memories that made them unsure about them. Blacks began to change America in a very good way by bringing happiness and joy in their works of art and talent that they had. They showed it in their music, books, and poems, and they had so much knowledge from their past that they could just keep writing or singing or playing. They were happy people even in the hardest times, and they knew what to do to fix those hard times. Music changed America in so many different ways by making everybody happy. Poetry had made people understand what the blacks were going through with the heart breaking words that they used in their poems. The blacks told their whole stories from the beginning to the end, or to where it was when they finished the book. Instruments were used for music just like jazz otherwise known as jazz bands. Jazz bands would play improvisations of famous jazz songs and composers would write new songs that became very popular and had many people humming to the tune. Blacks were not going to quit trying until their dreams came true. They were not the kind of people who wanted to give up. They had tried for so long to fit in, and it was working. There was no way that they were going to give up now.

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