A Good Man Is Hard To Find Character Analysis Grandmother

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If Flannery O’Conner’s character, Grandmother, in the book A Good Man Is Hard to Find could go back and redo a day, I’m sure she would. From the beginning the day that wasn’t too hot or too cold, grandmother was complaining about a trip to Florida that her only son Baily had prepared for the family. Her complaining and negativity carried throughout the story. So, what if you could take two? Early morning Grandmother gets dressed for a vacation to Florida so that if there’s a chance of a wreck and thrown from the care that people would think she is a lady. “She had her big black valise that looked like the head of a hippopotamus in one corner” (423). Just as other woman are, Grandmother was self-conscious. Instead of caring about her son and family, she wants to go to Tennessee to visit her friends. So, what if Grandmother wasn’t selfish?…show more content…
While traveling down the long dirt road, all she had to do was tell Baily to turn around. Instead, Grandmother’s cat (that wasn’t supposed to be there) comes out of the basket which scared Baily and caused the family to wreck. The wreck was the beginning of the end for Grandmother and the family. That wreck caused a killer to come and see what is going on. That wreck is where Grandmother recognized the killer and said “you’re the Misfit”. She tried to Grandmother should have been quiet. So, what if Grandmother thought before she

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