A Good Man Is Hard To Find The Grandmother Analysis

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“Fortunately, God doesn’t keep score the way we humans do, if He did there wouldn’t be any of us still standing” According to some religions, humans are given salvation through God’s grace, and God has the power to let even bad people go to heaven, which He allows by granting them grace. In many of Flannery O’Connor’s works, you can find examples of grace that are proven through characters and scenes that make the reader aware what the character really thinks. In A Good Man is Hard to Find the grandmother has many immoral flaws that make her an unlikely recipient of grace. She manipulates and lies to her son and grandchildren in many ways throughout the story, but is so assured of her own moral supremacy. She believes that she is the right person to judge how good or bad others are as well as the right person to tell other people on how to live their lives. The Misfit, for his part, is a merciless killer. People are bad in their own way and that makes them undeserving receivers of grace.…show more content…
In the story O.E. Parker is a heavy-drinking, womanizer that has very high confidence. He meets Sarah Ruth, whom he marries and gets pregnant. He only wanted one thing from her and that was to be intimate. Sometimes he thought that she only married him to save him. Sarah had Catholic values and all though it is unclear if she married him for that reason, maybe she felt that God sent her to save him. To give him grace and change him to be the best he could be. Parker didn’t have tattoos anywhere he couldn’t see them, but he got a tattoo of Christ on his back because he thought Sarah would like it and in some way, it seems that he wanted grace from her, but she dislikes the tattoo claiming its only a symbol of an idol and kicks him

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