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Maliha Yeasmin 10/3/14 " A Good Man Is Hard To Find" by Flannery O'Conner is a short story. The story is about a family of 6 who consists of a mom, dad, three children and a grandmother who decide to go on a road trip and they encounter an escaped prisoner who is goes around and murders people. Flannery O’Conner makes the character of the grandmother in a the story “ A Good Man Is Hard To Find” in such a way that it draws a strong response from reader. The grandmothers character is the one that the readers notice because she is the main character and she is the character whose head you have insight for. In the story the grandmother character…show more content…
When the family stops at a restaurant they meet a man named Red Sammy, who is the owner of the restaurant. The grandmother talks with him and he seems like a person who doesn’t treat some people with respect. He treats his wife like she is worthless. He makes her do all the work in the restaurant and when she tries to relax he tell her to stop “ lounging.. and her up with ..people’s orders” he treats her like she is a robot when she brings the order carries the “ the five plates all at once without a tray”, (8). After he does all this to the grandmother that good people are hard to find now a days, he says it like as if he is like one of the few good people in the world and praises himself to the grandmother. The grandmother replies by saying he does all those good things because he was a good man. The grandmother is just throwing the word around because if he was truly a good man then he wouldn’t treat his wife in such a worthless way. If he grandmother truly thinks he is a good man then she has to be a bit insane because if that was her definition of a good man what will be her definition of a bad man? At this point in the story the grandmothers character is faced with negativity from the…show more content…
She gets the children interested in this house and the children convince their father to take him to this house. The grandmother then realises that the house is in another state and she kicks the basket that contained her cat and the cat jumped on the father neck and that is what causes the car accident. The grandmother in this part seems even more like a bad person because she is kind of happy that the accident happened and that she doesn’t have to tell her son that house is in another state and face his wrath. While they wait for help for help they see a car coming along and the car stops to help

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