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Hammurabi’s Code was of the most important developments in Western Civilization because it was history’s first complete set of laws. The purpose was to set common rules for the people of Babylon. The Code of Hammurabi had about 300 clauses. (Frankforter & Spellman, 36) The laws were also basically just codes of justice and were meant to be a framework for judges. They were kind of like a constitution, it succeeded local law and tradition. (Williams) Hammurabi was the first to use religion and the fear of religion to get his people to follow his codes (“Case study..” par, 14). Hammurabi’s code predated the laws in the Bible. It is believed that the codes were a source for the biblical texts. This can be seen in Exodus 21:24. The laws in Bible,…show more content…
The code also protected the people. Though, some of the laws favored certain people, the idea of protecting the people had a great influence. Even today’s Federal Constitution protects the people. The code also created a groundwork for legal systems. Like our court system, where one is accused of an illegal act and then they are judged and get a sentence. It is clear to say that Hammurabi’s codes helped shape where today’s government is. It has also had a huge impact on society, and if the code never existed in our world today, the world would be different place. Most likely for one, the bible probably would have been altered a little bit. The laws in the Bible were influenced by Hammurabi’s code. Mosaic Laws would be different as we know it, there would not be laws like an eye for an eye. Also, religion would not fear anyone into following laws, the government would have trouble controlling their people. The government would also not have interest in protecting people. Court systems to come would be unfair and unjust. Also, the government would not be regulated by the laws too; they would be free to take advantage of the

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