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The Electoral College In the 1980 United States Presidential Election between Ronald Reagan, Jimmy Carter, and John B. Anderson the people’s vote was not enough, the president was chosen by the electoral college. Approximately eleven years after the founding of the United States of America with the newly formed democracy, many government officials believed that using a direct popular vote for the president and vice president via the people was an unwise decision. Some believed that if the people vote for the president and the vice president many would make the wrong choice, either because of many not having an education and that the people might not have enough information to make a good decision. So, in response to this they created the electoral college, a back-up plan. If the government believes that two presidential candidates popular vote is too close then the electoral college takes a vote. But, the problem with the…show more content…
For example, California gets fifty-five electoral votes while Vermont only gets three electoral votes. California has the advantage in this equation, which leaves small states with no voice. Also, in the article “The Indefensible Electoral College” by Bradford Plumer provides another problem with the electoral college; if the electoral college was to have a tie then the voting for the president is forwarded to the House of Representatives. Plumer says “Because each state casts only one vote, the single representative from Wyoming, representing 500,000 voters, would have as much say as the 55 representatives from California, who represent 35 million voters.” In this statement Plumer is illustrating that the electoral college is not a perfect system and it either leaves larger states or smaller states in despair. Not only does the electoral college cause an obvious unfairness, it also defeats the purpose of the people's popular vote in presidential

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