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For the past several days you have been feeling weak and didn't feel like doing anything. It's funny, you know yourself, you consider yourself an active person, but still something bothers you. So you nervously enter the hospital's door, with gloomy thoughts running through your mind. Maybe there was something in the water, or maybe the dog brought some kind of a virus with it from its latest walk. You have no idea where to go. You go to the doctor's office, tell your story, being convinced that something is different than how it used to be. So, it has to be a disease. So, you expect it to be treated. You expect at least a perfusion. The doctor is listening to you, patiently. So, that means you have found a good doctor. After you finish your…show more content…
What are macroelements? No one denies that the human being is a complex and wonderful creature. Strictly speaking, we are a machine working at it's best. In order not to damage us, we need what is around us. Every meal we eat maintains our balance. In the end that's all that counts. Whatever we eat, gets broken down and divided, and our digestive system is smart enough to take only what is necessary, instead of retaining all of it, undifferentiated. The human body is made up of over 25 chemicals. Their ratio is variable. Oxygen represents about 65%,carbon 18,5%,hydrogen 9,5%, and nitrogen 3,2%. Then there is a group of substances found in amounts from 0.1% to 1.5% - so not that much, but not so little. These are called macroelements. If there would be some Olympics for them, sodium will be the champion. It's virtually everywhere and you can't even take 2 steps without it. Potassium stands firmly in second place, as it is sodium playmate. The competition continues between calcium, the one that keeps our bones and teeth in a great shape, and magnesium, which many people ignore, but it is working assiduously without being

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