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The summer between my freshman and sophomore year I left home on my own for the first time. I boarded a plane for Peru, leaving the safety of my family, the comfort of my home, and wi-fi, for three weeks! I lived with a Spanish-speaking family in their little home in the country. The house was tiny in space, but enormous in heart. During the days, I would travel through the village to the local school. My mornings were spent building a cafeteria. The cafeteria was a much-needed addition to their school, and the community was grateful for my contribution. The latter part of the day I taught the local kids how to speak and understand English. The innocence of the children was refreshing, and their exuberance to learn was contagious. I'm not sure who benefitted more here - me or the kids! (I think we both won.)…show more content…
Initially, I was very nervous for this part of my trip. I had only used Spanish within the walls of my school, under the guidance of a teacher. I was accustomed to running water and a comfy bed! This was definitely outside of my comfort zone and exactly where I needed to be. In Peru my host family had almost nothing, but they still managed to put a smile on their faces simply because they had each other. My host family consisted of a mom, dad, three kids and 10 chickens! It was a pleasure to watch them come together to get daily work done. It was very clear how they valued and respected each other. The thing that impacted me the most was how happy they were. They truly had so little, I felt sad for them initially. Now I envy them. What great examples of appreciating what you have, and making the most of what you’ve been

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