Growing Up Land Analysis

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When the words racism is mention what comes to mind? In the both story “I’m a Banana and Proud of It “by Wayson Choy and “Growing Up Native “by Carol Geddes argue about having tough situation as a immigrant and first nation in Canada. They spend their childhood in the Society that gives them the felling that they are different from other people. During the stories we could see accepted culture is white, so here the meaning of racism begins. All people around the world with any language and any color should has identical rights to live and equal chance to be Educated. In the both stories protagonists tell about the society doesn’t accept them as residents. They live far from big cities and describe that place as a small…show more content…
When Carole moved to Whitehorse where she got a first hand experience at the discrimination where she had to attend a mixed school “the residential schools were another source of misery for the kids, they told stories about having their hair cut off in case were carrying head ice, and of being forced to hard chores without enough food to eat”(Geddes 87). In addition, wayson explained how he compared himself as a Chinese with American and felt confused about his generation ”Non of us ever forget. The mirror never lied. Many Chinatown teen-agers felt we didn't quite belonged in any one word. We look chicness, but though and behave North American”(Choy 78). Finally, Carole tells how she felt intimidation by the white teachers and one day urinated in her pants because she was so afraid to answer a question and embarrass another student. Following the humiliation Carole was deemed to be ‘disgusting’ and sent home by the teacher. Carole eventually dropped out of school in grade 9”pretty soon I hate school. Moving to be a principally white high school was even worse”(Geddes90). Also, Wayson described himself that he didn't have any value as a Chinese” This was true. “White bread” U.S. family television programs were colonizing Chinatown’s younger brains, like everyone else’s of whatever race. We began to feel Chinese home life was inferior”(Choy

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