Discuss The Impact Of European Colonization On Native Americans

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What was the impact of European colonization on Native Americans? The first Americans settled in the New World thousands of years ago. After their arrival, these settlers spread throughout North and South America. There were vast differences in culture between these incomers. Their lives evolved around family living in small communities and they were very self-sufficient in various ways. These Americans adapted to diverse and challenging environments and their survival skills, knowledge of their environment, rich culture, traditions, and spiritual practices helped them flourish. Great leaders emerged, developing systems for both political and social organization as well as organized religious beliefs. One would assume that this profile matches the Europeans that first colonized the Eastern United States. Rather, these characteristics are of the first Native American Indians to populate our land. Indians may have not recognized it, but a wonderful culture and an astounding way of life would be lost forever. “On the eve of the European invasion, North America was a…show more content…
There were a multitude of reasons for the journey to the New World. Some individuals were prison criminals sent over for punishment, others came as indentured servants , and several to escape religious oppression. The English initially wanted trade, but interests soon changed to gain wealth, and overcome religious and political freedom, and occupy land for various reasons including farming tobacco. The French came to find a route to the Pacific Ocean and also wanted to exploit their riches to the natives. The Spanish were in search of minerals such as gold and the Dutch were seeking better living and wealth. Interactions between these invaders, that crossed the Atlantic, and the Native Americans varied between regions and were dependent on various social, economic, and political

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