Abraham Lincoln Assassination Impact Essay

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Abraham Lincoln was the 16th President of the United States of America; he also made impacts on the government and the nation, while his presidency and he also had his own unique ideas, which led him to be one of the most important president in the US. History, that now we learn in history class. Before talking about the impacts he did in the nation, Abraham Lincoln was born in a log cabin in Kentucky. Lincoln didn’t have an easy life growing up, his mother died when he was 9 years old and after her dead in such early age he had to work. His father remarried and he and his stepmother made a connection. She taught his how to read and pushed him to a formal education. (Biography) He moved to Illinois and in this time era the Black Hawk War…show more content…
He always wanted the best for his country and what he thought it was right. This led to one of the most important events that happened while he was president and he focused a lot, was that he abolish slavery in Columbia (this happened the 16, April 1862). Lincoln’s look of the constitution was very just and he though that it was written for a reason and should stay that way. (Civil) During Lincoln presidency he most importantly focused with slavery and how to prevented to other territories. He created laws called “Confiscation acts” that were toward abolition. This law helped slaves during the civil war held by the Confederate forces from the south to be free. He was worried because this act could bring conflicts in the country and he wanted to avoid that. Lincoln fought for his proclamation. He also outlined the different terms of the freedom for slaves in states with rebellion. This movement didn’t follow through as quickly, and Lincoln’s intention with this proclamation was to weaken the south and to strength the union’s moral cause. Some people thought that he was acting to hardest, while in the other hand the abolitionist totally approved this law enforcement. This proclamation when around and more than 800,000 should be freed by this document. Of course people that owned slaves didn’t want to set them free, but many slaves took advantage of this declaration to leave their owners and be free

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