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Grizzly Bears Of The Tundra : Tundra Seth Anders Swainsboro high The Grizzly Bears of the tundra. When most people hear Tundra they think polar bears, but Grizzly Bears call this environment home too. Grizzly Bear is Latin for Horrible brown bear. Grizzly is also defined to gray or white hair, Grizzly bears are also known for their grey silvertip hairs. The Grizzly Bear, Ursus arctos horrbilis a big bear commonly found in the northwestern Canadian tundra. Grizzly Bears are large thick coated bears with big heads, stout bodies, and short tails. They can weight up to 704 lbs, be over 8 feet in length, and stand 3 1/2 feet high at the shoulders. Most Grizzlies are brown but can come in blonde or black, tundra grizzlies…show more content…
Grizzly bears are very fast over short distances. This helps drive predators out such as wolves. Grizzly Bears have been clocked at 30 miles per hour they are very aggressive animals. They are commonly found in northern Alaska, but can be found in other regions such as the taiga. More than one grizzly can live in the same territory. Their territory can range from 70 miles to 400 miles. Grizzly Bears hunt and forage in the early morning. Grizzlies will fight over great hunting spots or rivers. Grizzly Bears are omnivores. They eat grasses, berries, fish, and small animals. Some of the bears hunt bigger game like moose, caribou, and goats. These bears are on the top of the food chain. With their sharp claws they dig up insects in rotten wood and underground. Grizzly bears hibernate between October and December. Before hibernation, they eat a lot of food to store in their bodies for the two month sleep. Grizzly bears range from the tundra to the grasslands of North America, and all throughout Europe. There are about 31,700 grizzly bears in Alaska and northern Canada. They are found in the Yukon Territory, which is the tundra and the taiga. Their habitats are in the mountains, near the river in caves or…show more content…
These bears have thick coats to help stay warm in the cold temperatures. The have a hunting range between 70 to 400 miles to find the food they need to survive with. Grizzly Bears have the sharp claws to fight and are fast to help catch there prey. Grizzlies eat berries and can eat enough to survive with out having to catch prey. Female grizzlies can have between two to four cubs in or around January. They weigh about 1 lb at birth. Female bears are about five years old before they give birth. The cubs stay with their mother until they are about two years old. Grizzly Bears are ready to mate 2-3 years after birth. Their mating season is in the spring to early summer. The next spring the mother leaves the cubs to mate again. The mother raises the cubs without the father. Grizzly Bears live up to 25 years. Grizzly Bears are predator hunt for their food. They are good for the population in the tundra. They eat the weak and elderly animals. They are solitary animals that sleep in dens. Grizzlies hibernate between October and December. These bears do not go into full hibernation. They can easily be woken up from their

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