How Did Gandhi Influence The Civil Rights Movement

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Martin Luther King Jr., a Civil Rights activist, changed the way Americans live, think, and interact on the daily basis with his nonviolent and passive-aggressive technique. Dr. King was raised in a world much different from today; Minorities were forced to deal with microaggressions to do the simplest of things such as eat at a decent restaurant. White Americans in this time period where raised to believe that they were the superior race and this belief it showed through their actions. These oppressive acts were a lasting, direct result from the 250 enslavement of African slaves. Minorities, Black Americans in particular, needed a leader like Dr. King to guide them into breaking the mental bondages of slavery. With his Prestigious Christian…show more content…
King was greatly influence by the teaching of Mahatma Gandhi. Gandhi was an Indian lawyer who felt the wrath of racism within his own country, which influenced him to become a war- activist. With his non-violent technique and civil disobedience, Gandhi became a leader of India’s civil rights movement. He fought for the force of good physically in India and his principles traveled across the world to America to continue to fight. Dr. King adapted Gandhi’s non-violent technique and applied it to the American civil rights movement. Though some people were opposed to the thought of non violence, majority of people obeyed the principle. This contributed to the power of good because it slimmed the chances of someone, whether black or white, from getting hurt. Black’s would peacefully protest but still be antagonized by their oppressors; the peaceful actions of the minorities allowed whites to see the fault in their actions. It also taught every one that two wrongs do not make a right, and that you can fight fire with fire because someone is guaranteed to be burned. This principle was one primary reason why the American Civil rights movement was successful because influence togetherness rather than separation. Dr. King fought for equality amongst each other, and he paved the way for the world to be changed with his Baptist Christian and his thirst to eliminate hate from the
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