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Grizzly bears are a subspecies of brown bears, and in most countries or areas where they are found they are called ‘browns bears’. It is in North America where the smaller lighter-hued brown bears are given the nickname ‘grizzly’, this is due to light-almost-white tips they have on their fur. Once known to occupy in western North America from the Great Plains all the way to northern Mexico, along with extensive portions in Europe, the excess of unregulated hunting as well as human settlement has diminished greatly the grizzly bear population numbers in these areas and is now located in Asia, North America, Russia and Scandinavia. The grizzly bears have a wide range of habitats like subalpine meadows and prairies, mountainous forests, open plains and arctic tundra; tending to live near rivers and streams where they can find food. Varying in fur colors, grizzly bears when under sunlight have white tips on the fur that give them the much renowned “grizzled” look. Having a heavy muscled body, a big head with small round ears, short thick limbs and with claws varying from 3-5 inches, grizzly bears have a distinct hump on their backs near the neck which serves a muscled connection to the backbone to help support their extraordinary digging abilities. Measuring…show more content…
And although being a predominantly solitary species, excluding mothers with cubs, bears gather during ‘salmon run’ season to feast on a migration of salmon swimming up river from the sea in order to reproduce; it is only then where a sleuth of bears feed together under hierarchical order. First are the adult males also known as boars, followed by adult female bears (known as sows) with cubs, then those sub-adult bears, ending with orphaned cubs who search for leftover pieces. Only starved will they eat the salmon whole, otherwise they gouge the fatty and nutritious skin, eggs, and

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