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Black tea is the tea through the processing of which is derived from the tea leaves are dried to reduce the amount of water into some of the tea, semi-dry it to make a trench or the chopper with the roller to the tea, which bruise cell in the tea leaves to break the bruises by not missing and the enzyme in the cell will be broken down of a fermentation process. Cause smell and taste until the leaves start to change color as the copper color when you leave for a period of time before you use the hair dryer to the tea leaves of the enzymes will expire upon the tea leaves to change to a color when the sun or oven to dry and then grind or cut by but the type of tea that the tea is referred to as the "black tea." In the process of production black tea. It…show more content…
A chance fell to 21% acute congestive heart failure. Helps prevent and reduce the risk of cancer. Inhibit the growth of cancer cells. It was found that the black tea can eliminate substances that cause tumor or cancer out. Especially lung cancer. The mouth, chest, abdomen, colon, esophagus, And the skin. Tea black beauty. The hair shiny and beautiful sparkle: soak bags black tea bag in hot water. 3 2 only left about 20 minutes or until the tea cool. Then used to wash clean. Wait till I lightly. Pour tea down on me without rinse and wipe it dry. Fade dark spots on the face, to soak the bag black tea bag in hot water. 1 1 cup left about 3-5 minutes finished the tea bags up taking the drain. And then placed on the face at the point with the black spot, leaving about 20 minutes, then lift off and let dry. Solve the swollen eyes and dark circles around the eyes: soak bags black tea bag in hot water. 2 2 cups left about 3-5 minutes, the tea bag up until the drain. Bring in the freezer until cool tea bags. When cool, then close your eyes. The tea bag, placing the both eyes, and leave it for 10-20 minutes, then lifted out. Let it dry without clearing

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