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The Statue of Liberty is an iconic image that represented so many things to immigrants coming into the United States at the time when immigration was at its peak. There is a lot of symbolism behind the statue and what it meant for immigrants coming to America. The meaning behind what Lady Liberty stood for back then versus what she stands for today is quite different. Looking at each individual part of Lady Liberty, her crown, her torch. They all have a meaning. She stands for freedom and democracy, she symbolizes change and growth and a second chance for those that are leaving their homes in search of a brighter future. Immigrants come to America with hopes and dreams of success, success that they may not have available to them in their homelands.…show more content…
In its natural state copper is a reddish metal that has a lustrous shine to it. Over time however, copper does begin to rust with exposure to atmospheric oxygen. Lady Liberty has corroded over time since she is exposed to oxygen. The corroding that can be seen on the statue is much like the view that Americans have on immigration. When immigration was at its peak, there was a big flow of people coming to the United States in order to create a better life for themselves and for their families. American history began with waves of immigrants, bringing their own cultures and traditions to a vast new country. In the colonial era, and after America gained its independence, America was in favor of immigration. Because America was the home of immigrants, they were welcomed with open arms. The Founding Fathers themselves were among those immigrants that arrived in order to pursue liberty and happiness, which was the founding basis of this nation. Immigrants were allowed to come into the United States without much restriction and were allowed to settle into the country and make their contributions to society as well as add to American culture. Immigrants have also added to American culture and they have made many important contributions such as… When immigrants came through Ellis Island, the procedures that they had to follow was more strict. They were screened so that they could be checked for disease, they are also given criminal and economic background checks. The immigrants had to pass all of the tests to be allowed into the mainland of the United States. There were officials that feared that if an immigrant came in diseased, that they would not be able to work, make a living and they ultimately they would end up hurting the economy. Therefore they were checked for an illnesses by doctors and they were also given an economic background check in order to ensure that they would not be dependent on the government once they were on the

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