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People have to think carefully in order to see the depth of the wisdom that lies in it ,in which the value of the statement “when we think we’re rising in life, we’re really falling and when we think we’re falling ,we’re really rising” can tell how it make sufficient sense. It is about how lives are perceived, and whether we get the ideas either happening on our lives or in others’. In Jeff Henderson’s life, he may think that he met the apex when he was selling drugs on the streets, and making some thousands money a week , indeed, it was the beginning of his ultimate fall after he was arrested . By understanding the journey of Jeff Henderson and the meaning underneath of the statement, we can tell what really means of both success and failure.…show more content…
His mind seemed to provide little ideas in terms of pursuing luxurious life. There are certain elements of this life that would help to explain the perceptions of the young Jeff Henderson and why he considered crime a welcome way to succeed. As earlier stated, he was black in his childhood where he did not have meant to him, but just survive. An even more important consideration is that Jeff Henderson was born in a single parent family ,while he had to watch his mother struggle to scratch a living every days. From this kind of background, the dream to make something of oneself is usually strong. For Jeff Henderson. he had the ready option of crime, and dealing drugs was an easy…show more content…
From that interview, I learned that it is important to understand or view what failure is, and how it must be approached. An important lesson here was that failure just provided a chance to better understand what one is doing or what they are meant to be (Schindler 78). He said that it is essential to understand that time is necessary to go from failure to success, and apex of one’s life should be treated with sufficient caution as it is at this point that mistakes can be easily made. One of the important discussion points that formed the basis of this interview was a consideration of some of the most success people that have helped shape our history. From the times that a white paper to a picture ,like our journey, it took chances to use which colors or what are inside the picture ,and how to correct the mistake you make ,which is the same as our journey. In the interview, we discussed the ways in which the failures of many were the exact turning points that allowed creativities and bold decisions to be

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