Examples Of Greek Customs In The Odyssey

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Greeks have ruled over the Ionian and Aegean Seas for many years. They have always followed their own beliefs in gods and traditions. Books 5-8 of Homer’s, The Odyssey reveal the cultures of Greek society. The Greeks' beliefs and customs made them a powerful and respected civilization. In Greek culture, people often paid their respects, known as Xenia, towards others. People would feed and bathe guests, especially kings and queens. When the princess found Odysseus, she offered to “give [her] newfound friend some food and drink, and bathe [him] in the river” (6,230). Nausicaa showed her respects towards Odysseus because he might be testing her incase he is a god in disguise. In the kingdom’s feast, Queen Arete welcomed Odysseus, bringing more food and wine to their guest. Assisting a stranger may help the kingdom’s reputation amongst other lands because they “live too far apart, out in the surging sea, off at the world’s end- no other mortals come to mingle with us” (6,220). Building the kingdom’s reputation can make it stronger and known for something powerful. Showing xenia leaves an impression that you are selfless.…show more content…
Weak, powerless, and fragile, men took away their free will. Calypso describes the biased ways of the gods, because gods get jealous and “scandalized when goddesses sleep with mortals, openly, even when one has made the man her husband” (5, 130). Society maintains the idea that women are easy to control. In the Trojan War, the men “stowed the plunder, our sashed and lovely women” (3, 170). Since women were tools used to make new generations, without them, Troy’s power was removed. Furthermore, Penelope represented power because whoever married her would gain her power over Ithaca. Seen as less than men, women were merely tools in Greek

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