Analysis Of Jessanne Collins A Mistake That Should Last A Lifetime

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Being eighteen years of age is a big step in this society. At eighteen there are perks of such a coming of age, such as buying cigarettes, enlisting for the military, and voting. Another great thing for most eighteen year olds is the allowance of piercing or tattooing themselves, without having to ask a parent for permission. After reading the article “ A Mistake That Should Last a Lifetime” by Jessanne Collins, I realized that some mistakes are costly and last a lifetime. Jessanne wrote about how her first tattoo really shaped her, in her sense of self, and how having such a permanent mark made her feel. We all have our own mark, a tattoo, a piercing, or even a scar from something they did, something that shaped them. My coming of age was just the same as everyone else’s. I didn’t celebrate my birthday, at least not like…show more content…
A short week after my birthday, my aunt was moving to Kentucky, with my cousin. The last day my aunt was in Bloomfield, she took my younger sister, Sophie, and I into town with her. We went to dinner, talked, and stolled around the mall. As we passed the Southwest Ink tattoo shop, I had an epiphany and told my aunt about the piercing. My aunt went and asked about it, and told me that they can pierce the cartilage and it would cost me $40. I was ecstatic and eager to get it done. My aunt, on the other hand, was the opposite. She told me that before I got any needles stuck through my skin I had to call my dad, so I did. Five minutes later I was sitting in the cold back room with someone preparing my ear for the needle. I was frightened, shaking with anxiety fear and cold. I reached out for my aunts hand as the man explained to me what was going to happen and what to do as he pushes the needle through my ear. I take a deep breath in, and the needle punctures the lower part of my cartilage. I take another deep breath, and the needle in now through the upper part of my

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