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Dance is prevalent everywhere throughout the world, it is type of self-expression that is the reason individuals are attracted to it. "Dance" conveys diverse movements to distinctive individuals. Throughout the years, dance has developed into a few unmistakable structures. Diverse styles of move are recognized by numerous things like shoes, music, and ensembles. Dance to me, is similar to frozen yogurt, it is so difficult to pick only one flavor. For this paper, I chose to concentrate on Belly dancing in light of the fact that my sister took it up for wellness reasons and it sounded intriguing. Considered the oldest known dance by some experts, the roots of belly dancing were planted in the Middle East, Mediterranean, and northeastern Africa; some sources claim that the pyramid builders in ancient Egypt were belly dancers. Regardless of when it began, belly dancing was traditionally performed for…show more content…
For instance, in Morocco, the Guedra is performed as a blessing ritual. The Guedra begins by the dancer acknowledging the four points of the compass and also earth, wind, fire, and water. The bulk of the dance involves the belly dancer sending out good wishes and blessings to the audience, through her finger motions. Eventually, the dancer sinks to her knees. In many cultures, belly dancing was not seen as a form of expression but as a form of exercise. The intricate pelvic moves helped to tone the abdominal muscles aiding in pregnancy and childbirth. There are a few styles of belly dancing that are prevalent in America today. There are two essential structures: "raqs baladi" and "raqs sharqi". Raqs baladi is social dancing performed for festivity by both men and ladies of all ages. This sort is generally performed at get-togethers like weddings or gatherings. The second for, raqs sharqi is more showy form and is most well-known structure in America. It is additionally performed by both male and female

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