Ozarks Sewage Problems

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The topic which our group has decided to investigate is sewage problems at the Lake of the Ozarks and how that is affecting the local environment. This environment can range from the living organisms within the lake, the abiotic factors of the lake, and the people that use depend or use the lake. Sewage problems within the Lake of the Ozarks can be very detrimental to the organisms within the lake. As sewage effects the producers, it can then very easily continue up the energy pyramid and can have larger implications to primary and secondary consumers. As massive as the Lake of the Ozarks is, it is not surprising that many people are affected by it and changes to it. Attorney General Chris Koster has within recent years suggested the implementation…show more content…
Visitors also come to the lake for vacation, especially during summer (Lavins, 2014).Human activities such as camping, boat sailing, swimming, etc affect water. Dirt and waste from those activities are stuck under lake, which blocks the normal flow of water out of the lake. Additionally, “a lack of a centralized sewer system and leaky septic tanks” (Lavins, 2014) makes the problem even worse. Bacteria, like E.coli, develops; contaminates the water and disrupts the lake’s ecosystem. E.coli is developed in the human and animal intestine (The Associated Press, 2011). Sewage from human activities, if not treated constantly, causes diseases not only to animal but also to human, who consumes that animal; and destroys the lake’s ecosystem. After rain, water flows from residence’s house, carries waste and toxic chemical substances to the stream; and from stream to the lake. Toxic water blends in with water from the lake. Without being well treated, toxic water stays in lake and harms its biotic because biotic use dissolved oxygen from water. Furthermore,visitors’ transportation such as cars, motorcycle carry toxic gas and dust that get into the…show more content…
Also, another way the community can start raising money is putting on a fundraiser. A popular fundraiser many communities put together to raise money are marathons. Making our own plan of action, we are giving the community the opportunity to join our marathon run. To run in the race it will cost forty dollars and this will include snacks at the end of the race. Performing a fundraiser will be an efficient way to start raising money in the community and head in a positive direction to replacing the septic tanks that are ruining the environment in the Lake of the

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