How Is Daisy Different In The Great Gatsby

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“Birds of a feather flock together.” “Show me your friends, and I’ll show you who you are.” These expressions are built on the idea of surrounding essentially becomes us in time. Friends can also reflect similar desires in each other. I can refer directly to the story, The Great Gatsby, where two main female characters are close friends, yet are very different women of the era. Although both are wealthy and come from prominent families, the economy sky rocketed in the twenties, allowing for frivolous, uncommon, and even lewd life styles. Daisy Buchannan is our first character and is married, showing stability and fundamental ideals. Our other character, Jordan Baker, is a friend of Daisy’s that is not married. Although this is not their only difference, it is an insight into the different amounts of leisure time they had, what they did socially, and even in opinions they expressed. Both women use their looks and status to obtain their desires. They share similar goals, such as wealth, power, and looks, but go about obtaining these ideas, based on their life styles, in different manners. Daisy has succeeded in some of her early goals of…show more content…
Daisy was more known for her status. Tom is a successful business man, is inherently wealthy, and has friends in high social classes. This portrays Daisy’s idea of comfortable power, and she takes on the status of the life she married into. Jordan is better known for her crazy life style. She's seen going out to illegal clubs and parties, and she has more of an independence that was new to women in this time. The freedom of driving and not having to attend to a family allowed time for these activities she desired. In any instant, she would be the admiration for many men, drawn to these new, strong, independent women. Both, Daisy and Jordan are very attractive. They work hard to maintain this cause in their different worldly

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