Examples Of Daisy's Dream In The Great Gatsby

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Although Gatsby has a lot of greatness, his dreams makes him, and destroys him. Firstly, Gatsby immersed himself in the illusion of metaphysics which separate to the reality. Daisy was not as perfect as in his illusion but vain and cowardly: In order to get Tom's wealth and social status, she married him without love and even endured the reality that Tom got a mistress outside; she wanted to back to Gatsby when she saw his wealth; she was shook when Tom exposed Gatsby's social status and wealth; she not committed the car accident and even not attend Gatsby's funeral. Also because of his absolute idealism, he cannot accepts Daisy had loved others except him and even have had a child believed that he can traced back the time. Furthermore, Gatsby…show more content…
In this time male dominated society, the value of a woman depended on men,"It excited him too that many men had already loved Daisy"(p.142), which means Daisy was likely to be the war trophy to show off men's position and power, not only for Tom, but also Gatsby. To make this situation Daisy faced, we can feel her despair from her crying before her wedding forced by her mother and her exceptions to her daughter told to Nick——"a beautiful little fool", this is kind of helpless and despair because of the pressure from the society. Despite the women in upper class like Daisy, another character Myrtle who lives a poor and low-dignity life with illusory hope as Buchanan's lover faces a worse situation. She should always watch her words and try to please Tom but was slapped in the face and be rude treated when she said his wife's name(p.39). Thus, females in this time did not have power to decide their marriage and who to stay with since they had no ability to go against the class and the patriarchal system, an individual cannot go against the
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