Graduation Speech: Basketball Athletes And Basketball

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I have many people to thank for where I am today, I know I don't show how grateful I am enough, but I really am. While there are not enough words to describe how appreciative I am to you, I’ll try my best and start here. To my brother, I want to thank you for sparking my interest in basketball. It’s no secret that growing up I’ve always looked up to you, so when you started to take an interest in basketball I did too. I remember after school or on weekends when you put time aside to teach me how to shoot, how you drilled into my brain the proper form and where to aim. I remember seeing you outside working on a different set of skills every day and hoping to one day be as good as you. I’ve learned more than just basketball from you over the years, but the most valuable thing you have taught me is having perseverance. Whenever I thought I wasn’t good enough you were always there to encourage…show more content…
You were the first one I went to when I took an interest in golf and although we all know how that turned out to this day you still encourage me to play. When I decided I was better suited for soccer every free chance you had after work or on weekends you took the time to practice with me. When I began basketball and track you came to every game and meet even when I begged you not to. When I decided to join XC I knew you weren’t exactly happy because of everything else I dedicate myself to, but you still just like with everything else gave me nothing but encouragement and support. When I was injured you went over the top and out of your way to get me back out there because you could see how much it killed me not being able to do what I love. I don’t tell you enough how grateful I am to have you as my dad. I know you do a lot for me and it may seem like it goes unnoticed, but know that I recognize it and I want you to know that I appreciate the heck out of it, so thank

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