Graduation Speech: The 30th Annual Chicago Cubs Convention

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I. Introduction A. Good morning and welcome to the 30th Annual Chicago Cubs Convention. 1. I would like to thank all of the players, coaches, staff, media, and fans for coming out to the always beautiful Sheraton Hotel or better known as “Little Wrigley” for the next three days. B. My name is Theo Epstein, current President of Baseball Operations for your Chicago Cubs. 1. Three years ago, I was lucky enough to be welcomed aboard to this wonderful and ever-growing organization. 2. At that time, I made three promises to you, the fans, and the organization. 3. Those promises included contributing more to charities in our community, renovating Wrigley Field, and the biggest of them all, winning the World Series. While currently fulfilling…show more content…
On October 31, 2014 the search for our new manager began. 1. In the search, we were looking for someone who had a good background with all aspects of coaching, especially building up all aspects of an organization. 2. Someone who has proven them self in the past. 3. And, someone who would be able to create a new, winning culture right here in Wrigleyville. 4. It was also important that the organization find someone who was not only looking to better themselves, but rather better the players, fans, and the community. B. With these things in mind, it was an easy decision that Joe Maddon was the right person for the job. C. Joe Maddon comes from his previous position managing the Tampa Bay Devil Rays for eight years, beginning in 2006. 1. In the 2007 season, Tampa Bay ended with the worst record in the MLB. 2. The following year in 2008, Maddon led the team to their first ever play-off appearance. Tampa Bay won the American League Division Title for the first time in organization history. 3. During their 2008 post-season run, Maddon lead the team to their first ever World Series. 4. While coming up just short of the tittle, Maddon was awarded with the American League Manager of the Year Award for his crowning success

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