Same Sex Penguins: Book Analysis

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. Richardson and Parnell base this book on a true story about two male Chinstrap penguins, Roy and Silo, who are a couple at the Central Park Zoo in New York City. A zookeeper notices that the two male penguins built a nest together and were trying to hatch a rock. They become surrogate parents to an egg the zookeeper gives them from a female who had two eggs and would only care for one. The egg hatches, and they are a family. I chose this book because I thought that it is absurd that people challenge this book because of homosexual themes. It is a true story, and the authors do not try to turn people homosexual. They simply relate a true story where two male penguins have a nest together and raise a baby penguin. I feel that this topic is important because I believe…show more content…
There are families that are nontraditional and this book should be used for a diversity and tolerance discussion. It did not matter that Tango had two fathers because she was loved, and they took care of her. The number of children being raised in same sex households is increasing in the United States. According to the United States Census Bureau’s survey called American Community Survey Data on Same Sex Couples, there were 726,600 same sex couples in 2013. It is estimated that 27% of these households have children residing with them (United States Census). Officials estimate there are more same sex couples than reported. According to the Rochester Public Schools Policies, materials chosen for the classroom will “represent the diversity of religious, ethnic, political, and cultural values held in a pluralistic society (606).” This book represents children that are growing up in nontraditional families. This story can also be utilized as part of writing across the curriculum science lesson plan to engage students. It demonstrates how penguins hatch from eggs and how penguins take care of their young. This book can used to

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