Argumentative Essay: Do Americans Work Too Hard?

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Sean Trapp Mrs. Montague English IV 12/16/2014 Do Americans Work Too Hard? It’s ridiculous and surprising that Americans are working themselves to death! America has a nonstop working society. This means that they hardly have any free time for friends, family or other activities during the time that they are not working. It has been proven, Americans work harder than any other group of people in the world. Americans, as a whole, are a group of people that work too hard and go out of their way to accomplish their goals. Even when they are tired and exhausted they still manage to make time for their family and friends. What we as Americans fail to realize is we face a great deal of stress due to overworking. Stress takes a toll on our health. Americans work so much that it is causing problems to them as well as…show more content…
Hard work is something we don’t have to do all the time. Too much of anything isn’t good for anyone. Getting adequate rest is very important, there’s just isn’t enough hours in the day. In essence, too much work without enough rest isn’t good for an individual’s health. Americans who work too hard can have serious health problems. Studies show that overtime work causes weakness in attention and cognitive control and supervisory attentional system. Also a study on the effects of overtime work on autoworkers found that overtime resulted in impaired performance in attention and executive functions. Workers also reported feeling more fatigued and depressed after working more than eight hours a day (proctor el al. 1996) (Newspaper Source Plus). Too many hours of work reveal chemicals that are harmful for the body. Further, frequent overtime and compressed work schedules that produce long workdays can be a major cause of the stress and chronic fatigue reported by many workers, as well as the

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