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The Salem Witch trials are one of the most famous events in history which involved Witch hunts. These trials were a time in History where the Witch hunts became visible. Such persecution goes back many centuries and the first recorded instance where witch hunting became visible is in the Hebrew Torah, written circa fourteenth and twelfth century. Certain portions of the books Exodus and Leviticus were used by Muggle Authorities to promote the idea that witchcraft is evil and dangerous. It is my belief that most of the witch hunting over the years was caused by fear. Fear of something they do not understand and texts like this serve to encourage this behaviour in Muggles. In 1591 in North Berwick in Scotland 70 people were accused of…show more content…
King Arthur received the Round Table as a gift from Merlin. Arthur received this table on the day of his wedding to Queen Guinevere. The table is special because it seats 150 knights and also has a very special seat the Síege Perilous. It is said that only the knight with the purest heart could sit on this seat. Both Sir Percevel and Sit Galahad were allowed to sit there. As further note, legend suggests that the round table was shaped thus to present all the knights as equals and allow no one to sit at the ‘head’ of the table. In all of the stories Morgana Le Fay hated two people – Merlin and Guinevere. She is said to hate Merlin because of his weak personality, this is despite the magical power he wielded. Morgana despised Guinevere because she foresaw the damage Guinevere would do to Arthur and the kingdom. Question Five St. Augustine believed that magic was everything but an illusion…show more content…
St Augustine believed that magic was nothing but a delusion (Lesson 2) It took three years before the International Statute of Secrecy was signed – False. The International Statute of Secrecy was started in 1675 and finalised in 1689 (Lesson 8) Most of the architectural buildings in Hogsmeade are in a Medieval theme – True. Most of the architecture of Hogsmeade is of a Medieval design (Lesson 3) The Warlocks’ Convention is the predecessor of the modern Wizengamot – False. The Warlock’s Council is a predecessor of modern Wizenmagot. The Warlock’s convention is a predecessor of The International Confederation of Wizards (Lesson 8) Tinworth is a rural village, located between hills, and therefore quite unappealing – False. Tinworth is a popular holiday destination for many Wizarding families and is very picturesque (Lesson 4) Albion is another name for the Great Britain King Arthur ruled over – True. Albion is a name sometimes given to the kingdom ruled by King Arthur (Lesson 5) During its Golden Ages, magic in Albion was widely used – True. Magic was at its strongest during the Golden Age (Lesson 5) The downfall of Gellert Grindelwald indirectly saved the Muggles from their first World War

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