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Dolphins, mirrors, and roses, oh my! Aphrodite, one of the twelve Olympian Gods and Goddesses, has been honored and worshipped by many Greeks for thousands of years. She has certainly made her mark on history and is still talked about today, constantly being integrated into our modern society through books, movies, and more. Aphrodite is one of the most important goddesses, and has retained this aura of significance because she has a very strong influence on people and events and is considered the most beautiful woman in the world. The first reason Aphrodite is one of the most monumental goddesses is because she has a captivation over people that allows her to affect the results of events in people's lives. In one instance involving Jason…show more content…
Throughout her immortal life, Aphrodite gained multiple jewels and other sources of accessory such as her magic belt, made out of pure gold, which allowed her to inject the feeling of amour into people. Wearing these objects, she would become even more beautiful, and would attract even more suitors. She was also fought over by many of the gods at one point or another. In the article Aphrodite it states, "Because she was so beautiful, many of the Gods fell in love with her and wanted to marry her". In order to avoid any difficulties between the gods, Zeus married her to Hephaestus, the most reliable, steady god in Olympus. This proves how beautiful everyone considered her, in that she was so desired for, that she had to be married to avoid a confrontation. Lastly, after she was married, she did not pay much attention to her husband. Instead she had affairs with the god of war, Ares, and other mortals, having other children outside of her marriage with Hephaestus, where she had none. Again, Aphrodite is wanted greatly by others, which demonstrates her high-status reputation, and makes her one of the most highly regarded

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