The Tempest Self Discovery Essay

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The development of an individual’s new perspective and understanding of the world is seen through analysing one’s initial mentality and how their viewpoint alters and in turn leads to discovery. At the beginning of The Tempest Prospero, the self-appointed leader of the island, has complete control over everything. With the help of his slave Ariel, Prospero has control of the island’s weather and environment. This is shown at the beginning of the play when Prospero conjures the tempest that leads to the rest of the events of the play. “Hast thou, spirit, performed to point the tempest that I bade thee?” Prospero’s treatment of Ariel is strict and domineering, shown by his harsh language. When Ariel requests freedom, Prospero replies with annoyance, describing Ariel as a ‘malignant thing’. Prospero also manipulates where the other survivors of the shipwreck go and what they see. This is shown in the banquet scene that Prospero creates to show…show more content…
“Here is everything advantageous to life” and “I would with such perfection govern, sir, T’excel the Golden Age.” Gonzalo’s attitude towards power is completely different to Prospero’s. In noticing this difference, Prospero begins to change his perspective of power and how to rule the island. This is evidence that Prospero’s perspective is changing and his initial mentality has changed dramatically. In the final stages of one’s discovery their renewed perceptions and ideas of the world become potently clear. This is evident in The Tempest as Prospero’s actions are reflective of his new perspective. Prospero’s forgiveness of his brother Antonio is a clear example in his transformation. “I do forgive thy rankest fault – all of them.” Prospero’s ability to forgive the one who he initially sought revenge against demonstrates the effect that his discoveries have had on

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