The Forest Monologue

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Every night, I hear the girl singing, deep within the forest. So deep within, in fact, I am certain that no ordinary man would be able to hear her…. You see, I am the antithesis of ordinary. In fact, my very name carries with it a great sum of reverence. Perhaps I should not say it is my name that inspires such respect, for it is not me that they revere. It is actually my father, King SoIatium. He is the mighty ruler of this land, and I, Luke Solatium, am the hair to his throne. Ever since I can remember, I have been able to hear things other people simply could not. The same is true with sight, touch, taste, and smell. However, the auditory and visual aspects of this have continued increasing in acuteness. They have since ceased to stop growing in potency. When I first told my parents of this, they refused to believe my claims, and dismissed it as…show more content…
The peace has become completely addicting. On the 7th night, I come to the realization that my intemperance upon the forest has driven me to explore deeper into it with each night that goes by. I realize that I cover about an extra league every night. I make a silent promise to not go any further at the risk of getting lost. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Many weeks go by, and I have not travelled any further than I did upon the 7th night. I am still fascinated by the forest, just as much as when I first went into it many months ago. However, I start to have dreams, and visions that are unaccompanied by migraines. I see the golden liquid and hear the ticking of clocks. However, unlike my past visions, I can now discern that the liquid is in fact long, golden hair. Perhaps, if I continue traveling into the forest, I will be able to uncover more. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I have travelled much farther into the forest. So far, that it takes me almost all night just to get to and from that area in the

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