Cage The Elephant Analysis

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People say that money is not everything; however, they all material resources. In fact, everyone’s value is measured by how much a person has, and how much he or she can earn in a year. Money and material goods are the curse of modern times. People become famous just because of amount of zeros in their accounts. This fashion makes members of every society to chase for money, and resources, even if they would have to walk over everybody. Members of a band called Cage the Elephant know how hard chasing money is. Each member worked hard to acquire a good life. Their leader and vocalist, Matthew Schultz grew up in a poor family in Kentucky. He and his brother were called ‘poor guys’ by the local people, and their school mates. To make a living, Matthew worked as a plumber on construction, but as an artist he hated physical work. Singer, eventually decided to leave his job and focus on music. Fortunately, the band he started with his brother and a few local people had an opportunity to sign a contract with big label. Even though, they become famous in rock subculture, and reached top charts in Europe and Asia, they still sing about the truth they learned on the street in a poor district of Bowling Green, Kentucky. Cage the…show more content…
Thief who seems desperate demanded all author’s money. “Give me all you got, I want your money not your life but if you try to make a move I won't think twice” the robber pointed. Since author came from the poor environment, he brings reader’s attention to a problem of unemployment that in some cases may lead to crime. To protect his life, the main character gave all his money to the thief, who explained him why he lives a life of a thug. He pointed that “There ain’t no rest for the wicked, until I close my eyes for good”. Author’s intention in that sentence is to show is that people are ruthless just to acquire the resources they need in order to

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