Analysis Of The Story 'From Ragged Dick' By Horatio Alger

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Wen Yi Zhou English 1 (4163) Dr. Joanne Hall September 23, 2015 In the story “From Ragged Dick”, poor boy Dick is hoping to find an ideal job, he got a good opportunity when he almost gave up. A small boy fell into the water, and Dick jumped into water to save him immediately. As a result, Dick has a chance to work in the Accounting room from that boy’s father. He has realized his goal step by step. Horatio Alger suggests that people should have Dick’s qualities such as bravery, goodness and persistence because those qualities are the key to be success. Horatio Alger believes that if people are kind, hard work, and determinate to be success, then anyone can be successful. No matter what their backgrounds are, and regardless of where they…show more content…
“After making several ineffectual applications, Dick began to think he should be obliged to stick to his profession until the next season. But about this time something occurred which considerably improved his chances of preferment.”(247) If Dick did not have this chance, he would not to get this job and start to his new life. The author has told readers that American Dream is possible, and it is not possible to be success just by imagine, people should do some actions. The American Dream is a desire to create opportunities for ourselves, some people would say those typical people who can fulfill their dream have active spirit, they will start with the little things of daily life - few money, few friends, a few of the opportunities. They fight for themselves, a little behavior may can return to tremendous success for them. Then they can open up a path of their own in this…show more content…
“A young gentleman on the way to fame and fortune (250).” Dick’s ideal is to be an honorable, wealthy person; as a result, he was stablishing a goal ahead, and has moving in goal, the goal eventually has been achieved. In my opinion, if people want to be successful, they should have a goal first then take some action immediately, the bold action and continuing efforts can let people to get more opportunities and greater success. After all, success is a cumulative effort, regardless of industry. If people want to climb to the summit, they need to work and careful planning long time that is Alger wants to pass on

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