Subterranean Values: The Neutralization Theory

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The neutralization theory is a process in which a delinquent learns techniques that enable them to neutralize convention values and drift back and forth between both conventional and subterranean behaviors. One reason that the neutralization theory happens is due to America’s subterranean values. Subterranean values are the ability for young law violators to repress common social norms. These actions are practiced in private and condemned by society. Examples include watching porn, gambling, and stealing. According to the book, it’s possibly to hold both subterranean and conventional morals; few youth are entirely good or entirely bad. Some juveniles not only participate in delinquent acts but still go to school, religious gatherings, and family functions. This…show more content…
These techniques of neutralization consist of five patterns. The first pattern is known as deny responsibility. This pattern claims that young offenders claim that the criminal cats were not their fault. The acts happened on accident or were beyond their control. The second pattern is to deny injury or denying the wrongfulness of their actions. One example of this is the idea of borrowing instead stealing something. Delinquents may find people that support there denial of the injury. Another pattern is denying the victim. Youthful offenders sometimes counteract the crime by claiming the victim of the crime “had it coming”. Vandalism is one way that this is carried out. The aggression may be targeted towards disliked teachers, other youth, or homosexuals may be the target of this due to the view that it’s considered offensive. Denying the victim may also happen when the juvenile ignores the rights of an absent or unknown victim. The crime becomes morally acceptable because the victim is absent so the offender cannot be sympathized

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