Globalization In The United States

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People around the world are more joined and connected to each other than before. Information and money flow more quickly. Products and services produced in one part of the world are increasingly available in all parts of the world. Traveling has become more easily between countries. All of these are results of globalization. Globalization is a process by which national, local economies, and cultures have become integrated and incorporated through the global network of exchange, immigration, and transportation. In the past, globalization was only focused on the economy, but now it become more than that. Recently, the term has been expanded to include borders, culture, media, political, and technology. Globalization has many advantages, such…show more content…
With globalization you can produce goods in different countries and sell them in other countries. Huge corporations from developed nations have great flexibility to operate in other countries. For example, A German Company can produce cars in Argentina and then sell them in the United States. A businessman in Oman can build a clothes factory in China and export them to your country by a Koran company. Other example, McDonald's restaurants are everywhere, so you don't have to go to the eat McDonald's food. Also, globalization gives consumers access to wider markets and access to a greater variety of goods and services. All companies in the same field have competition with others, so they try to produce quality and cheap a result, consumers can find different kinds of products with quality and the price they want. Globalization make communication more easily. It is turning the world into a small village. With Internet, cellphones, telecommunication, and other communications technology are allow people to interact and collaborate with others easily in any spot. For example, I am living in the U.S. and I am far away from my family, but I can easily communicate with them via platform like Facebook or What Sapp and even call them video. Also, governments can now exchange information, examination, investigation, and reports with one another on a real tome basis and this can led to expanded participation between nations.
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