Women In The Wife Of Bath's Tale

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In “The Wife of Bath’s Tale,” Chaucer uses imagery of women dancing and vanishing to show a woman’s actual value is not always her perceived value. The knight twelvemonth and a day to find what all women desire is almost up, and he rides to court without an answer when he comes across dancing women in the woods. The knight “...s[ees] a dance upon the leafy floor/Of four and twenty ladies, nay and more,”(285). The dancing women conjure up a picture of very pretty ladies leaping abound in mesmerizing patterns, a very enchanting sight to see in the woods. These women appear helpful to the knight’s quest, and he “...approache[s], in hope to learn/Some words of wisdom ere he should return;/But lo! Before he c[o]me[s] to where they were,/ Dancers
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