Homosexuality In The Great Gatsby

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The Great Gatsby is a novel written at the period before liberation of gay. At this time, homosexuality was regarded illegal especially through America and was a concept that was condemned in the social perspective. It is the work of Scott Fitzgerald, an eloquent novel filled with messages meant to spark romance. Mr. Gatsby is a self-made millionaire who is in a desperate sought of the only love Daisy but is married to Tom. The other premise that is rather obvious but tricky to argue is that Nick could be gay. Whatever could be easily seen through the first pages of the book is that Nick Carraway was born in 1896 just about the same age as Fitzgerald. Furthermore, he attended Yale just like his father and was involved in the First World War.…show more content…
Due to the prohibition of alcohol, a group of people was engaged in bootlegging and were formed into crime groups. At this time, people did not perceive adultery as being such a big sin as they did not perceive marriage to be a life commitment. Through several characters such as Buchanan, there is a clear show of immorality as he cheats on his wife with another married woman. He even thinks that money is all a person wants and now that he has it, perceives himself a better person than those without. Indeed, Daisy ended up married to Buchanan not because she loved him but because of his…show more content…
These sentiments become no longer a secret during a party in Tom and Myrtle apartment as well as in the relationship with McKee. Nick is quick to notice an aspect of intimacy on McKee’s cheekbone as well as being respectful. Nick is such a tender character that is rather attentive that after McKee leaves, he too leaves along with him to his effeminate gentleman. He even suggests that they have some lunch together ‘anywhere’ and, in fact, the elevator boy -in a sexual context- orders McKee to take his hands off the lever. It unfolds that Nick is seen standing beside the bed belonging to McKee and McKee apparently sits between the sheets in underwear. “ I was standing beside his bed and he was sitting up between the sheets clad in his underwear with a great portfolio in his hands.” In the last paragraph of chapter two, Nick is at the Penn Station literary half asleep as he waits for the four o’clock train. “Then I was lying half asleep in the cold lower level of the Pennsylvania

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