Symbolism In The Great Gatsby

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Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald first created the novel, ‘The Great Gatsby’ in 1925 and since then it has been created into two adaptions films from the original novel. The adaption film created and directed by Baz Luhrmann in 2013, The Great Gatsby communicates a strong message to the audience through the use of symbols following the journey of Gatsby. Baz Luhrmann makes use of these symbols throughout the film countless times to establish meanings and emotions to the audience, also to gain understanding why Gatsby is so motivated to have Daisy’s love once again. Such symbols used in the film includes the green light that Gatsby always seems to follow, the lavishing parties that are held in Gatsby’s mansion, the Valley of Ashes, the erotic Rolls…show more content…
And through the use of symbolism, Luhrmann portrays the story to the audience as an in depth outlook of love and despair through a broad scope of the American Dream. Luhrmann takes the audience back to a highly symbolic meditation of the 1920s New York, and in particular, ‘Long Island’. At this time America was rising, as stated by Nick Caraway, ‘America was rising out of the ocean’, from their buildings to their empire. In particular the American dream was the main outlook of life, and it was an era of unprecedented prosperity and material excess which in turn symbolized the rise of America from the desire to become wealthy whatever means necessary. Luhrmann portrays this as an era as decayed social and moral values, evidence of this is the overreaching greed and empty pursuit of pleasure seen from the liberating parties held by Gatsby. Gatsby uses the American dream as an excuse for the quest of Daisy’s love, and this is portrayed by Gatsby morals and beliefs by becoming wealthy by whatever means necessary. Gatsby simply wanted to make something of himself but he was caught up in the American Dream not realizing he was good enough for Daisy just the way he…show more content…
From every corner, from every crack of New York, people would attend Gatsby’s parties, but it was all a part of Gatsby attempt to catch Daisy’s attention; either hoping that she would catch a glimpse of the bright lights across the bay or through word of mouth. However, even with the grand scale of his parties, none of his guests seem to know whom Gatsby is, some even coming up with ludicrous stories to explain his mystery. Most of these guests are simply there to enjoy the glamour which they believe to be the American Dream. The parties symbolize falseness. The people that attended Gatsby parties didn’t know him, and it can be noticed that none of the partygoers attended Gatsby funeral. This again ties in with the American dream, people were living a fake life, thinking that attending rich peoples parties would make them think there living the American

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