How Does Baz Luhrmann Relate To The Great Gatsby

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Baz Luhrmann’s, ‘The Great Gatsby’ opens the viewer’s eyes to world once filled with the glitz and the glamour, a world of freedom for everybody, the roaring 1920’s. My belief although contradictory to almost everyone else’s on the internet is that Luhrmann has created a masterpiece filled with tremendous parties that the A-listers attend along beside the wannabes all dancing in the storms of gold and silver confetti with martinis in their hands and with a plot that will keep you wanting more. The Great Gatsby (2013), is based on the original book written by F. Scott Fitzgerald is the tale about how a young man named Nick Caraway (played by Tobey Maguire) moves to New York and settles in a petite cottage neighbouring Jay Gatsby’s mansion. Nick has a cousin that across the bay from him which coincidentally is also Gatsby’s former love, but…show more content…
Let’s begin with the sound track. Firstly, Luhrmann assisted by Jay-Z has excellent taste in music, shown by his incredible choice in artists such as the sultry voice of Lana Del Rey, the biggest thing right now - Beyoncé, and Florence in the Machine’s brassily bellow. Secondly the way that he combines the upbeat modern pieces with twists of jazz, classical and other tastes of the 1920s to remind the viewer that they are still in this…show more content…
Every the whole of New York floods into Gatsby’s property for the biggest and the best parties of their lives. These are what makes the movie worthwhile. The incredibly made costumes serve as eye candy for everyone accompanied by the thousands of cocktails, thumping music, swimming pools, and fireworks. However these parties are more like a rehearsed musical rather than a ‘realistic’ movie scene. The dancing seems over choreographed, just too set up, and doesn’t seem to flow with the rest of the

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