Summary Of To Kill A Mockingbird Chapter 1-5

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Doves cooed and fluttered overhead as Scout shook his leg restlessly under a small desk in the infirmary. He watched his German teammate explain a new scientific experiment, nodding eagerly every time Medic asked for approval of his banter. "And this is where I plan on inserting the serum into the skull," the doctor stated as he pointed at a section of a skull he was holding. "I think it's a good idea, ja?" Scout grinned and shrugged, "yeah man, that sounds pretty good." Medic's eyes brightened, and he turned around to face a green chalkboard. "Excellent. I do think it sounds more realistic if there is a model. Hold on a moment, I will make an example of what the finished result should be." The Bostonian hummed to signal he was listening and leaned back in…show more content…
You on the other hand do all sorts of weirdass stuff, and yeah, I ain’t afraid of whatever the hell you’re planning on doin’ to me, but I ain’t stupid either. Think it’s better to get the hell out than deal with whatever idea you got for me in that head’a yours.” “Did I even say I had something planned? I think it’s fair to say your mind was wandering somewhere while I was explaining the experiment,” Medic patted the desk with a grin. “Take a seat again, Herr Scout. I promise I will refrain from experimentation on the likes of you. For today, at least.” Scout’s eyes narrowed. He huffed and returned to his desk, sitting down and leaning back with crossed arms. “So what now, Doc? You gonna keep talkin’ about your weirdass brain-serum-thing or what?” “That depends. Are you going to tell me what your mind was occupied with while you were supposed to be listening?” Scout shrank further into his seat and squirmed slightly. This really was amusing the doctor, seeing Scout so flustered. Whatever it was, the fantasy must have been more lewd than his usual shameless

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