Song Analysis: Don 'T Let Me Get Me'

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Not Right Teenage girls lack the self-confidence to love themselves these days. They all want to be someone else. Pink sings about her life in a song called “Don’t Let me Get me.” If you listen to this song you can clearly tell that it fits with the young females. At one point we all wish we were someone else. We are always compared to someone else we need to learn to love ourselves. This is an anthem on loving yourself. “Don’t Let me Get me” is a song about a girl who hates herself because she told she not right. The song “Don’t Let me Get me” is sung by the artist pink. It was released in 2001 on the album Missundaztood. Pink took the self-loathing she felt by being compared to other musicians like Britney Spears into a perverse kind…show more content…
She feels like since she doesn’t like herself than others won’t like her. The reason she probably feels this way is the fact that as an artist her label constantly wants her to change to be who they want her to be. She is also compared to people who she is nothing like. In the song she is compared to Britney Spears; who sings in a different genre of music. One issue that most teenagers have to go through is lack of self-esteem. ” Every day I fight a war against the mirror” is the perfect way to describe how females who hate the way they look feel. When they look in the mirror they feel like they have been sucker punched in the guts. The reason is the mirror shows them all their flaws on the outside. Pink’s reason for fighting a war against the mirror could be the fact that she being compared to other artist. The other artists have a pretty look while Pink’s look is more…show more content…
This goes back to the other two main topics described above. They are often the reason that their self-esteem is so low. Due to the reason that the find anything about themselves to hate. They also listen to rumors that others spread about them and will start to believe them. They are also the reason they feel like they can’t do anything right. This also has to deal in part with listening to what others have to say about them. Sometimes they are also their worst enemies because they disfigure or changing their own bodies. This can be for a lifetime like self-mutilation, piercings, and tattoos that they will later regret. Also they could develop an eating disorder. This could also be short term like caking make-up on their face or dying their hair a wild color just to fit into a

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