Essay Comparing Anne Bradstreet And Virginia Woolf

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Anne Bradstreet and Virginia Woolf are two women authors who, despite existing in completely different centuries, shared fairly similar views upon a large number of issues concerning the role of Women in history. Specifically, they largely agreed upon the importance of having a physical, tangible rendering of a women’s perspective throughout history. A distinguishing theme that features in both of their works is the significance of the space in which a woman is able to do her writing. Virginia Woolf makes numerous explicit assertions in her extend essay A Room Of One’s Own about the consequence of an appropriate writing space with ample resources and privacy versus a space full of distractions and interruptions. Anne Bradstreet, on the other hand, is more implicit in her thoughts about the effect of a space upon a Women’s writing and leaves the reader to interpret her work in relation to her space by drawing our own conclusions about how her writing was affected by her surroundings, specifically, the16th Century New Puritan community in New England. This essay will seek to explore the various ways…show more content…
Namely, their families before marriage and their husbands after. Both Woolf and Brad came from well to do families who could afford to hire private tutors for them in a time where girls would not go to school but would rather stay home and learn the ins and outs of the domestic sphere. Their strong education had an extremely significant role in both their careers as writers and poets because without it there is a high possibility that they would be just as illiterate as other women from low- income families. However, neither of the two women were afforded a formal education through a university because of the mindset that sending a girl to college is a waste of both time and money because eventually she is to

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