Gettysburg Address Dbq

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Analyze Why did Lincoln write and deliver the Gettysburg Address? What were his two main purposes? Explain using evidence from the speech. President Lincoln wrote and delivered the Gettysburg address to mourn the deaths of the soldiers who died, and to tell people that as Americans they would finish the fight of the soldiers so they would not have died in vain. Another reason why he wrote the Gettysburg address was to tell people that fighting the civil war was a way to open door of new freedom, that has reunited everyone. The freedom of the people shall not perish. Infer What is “the unfinished work” of those who died (line 11)? The “unfinished work” of those who died is the war. Since the soldiers who died never truly got to finish their work, President Lincoln wanted the living to finish their work for them that way the soldiers would not have died in vain. Infer What does Lincoln mean when he refers to “a new birth of freedom” (lines 15-16)?…show more content…
If we did not fight in the war we would not have won, which would not have opened the door for the wave of freedom which was the end of slavery. Identify Patterns The word dedicate is repeated several times in the speech. What does dedicate mean? What idea does Lincoln emphasize with the repetition of this word? The word “dedicate” is repeated multiple times in President Lincoln's speech, the word actually means to devote time, or oneself to a specific task or purpose. President Lincoln emphasizes the idea of devoting our time to finishing the war, and making sure that the soldiers who died would not have died in vain by repeating the word “dedicate”. Identify Patterns Identify two examples of parallelism in the speech. How does Lincoln use parallel structure to persuade the audience to accept his
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