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Introduction ConAgra Foods’ operations focus in the manufacturing and marketing of packaged foods for retail consumers and restaurants worldwide. It is North America’s largest private brand packaged food business with products found in 99% of American homes. They also manufacture brands for retailers to sell under their own brand names. ConAgra is a Fortune 500 company with net sales of around $18 billion dollars (2014) while generating jobs for more than 33,000 people. General Mills, Inc. manufactures and sells branded packaged consumer food globally. Also, as a part of their main operations they supply food products to the banking and foodservice industries. With net sales of nearly $18 billion dollars, General Mills stands as a leading…show more content…
They own the leader popcorn brand in North America Act II, Hunt’s a name brand for tomato products and Healthy Choice, a brand that offers a variety of refrigerated and frozen foods among others. General Mills’ biggest business is ready to eat cereal, they own brands such as Cheerios, Fitness and Lucky Charms. Their second largest business are snacks, their main name brand is Nature Valley. In 2012 yogurt became a global business for General Mills with the acquisition of Yoplait. They also own name brands such as Häagen-Dazs and Old El Paso Both companies share a principal target market, the consumer market. Retail is their main distribution channel for commercial products. Food-service establishments and commercial customers also represent a significant market sector for both General Mills and ConAgra Foods. For the global market their main channel are international retailers. The total U.S. sales of private label food industry were $80 billion dollars for 2013. Taking this into consideration, it can be estimated that ConAgra Foods held a 19% market share while General Mills held a 16% of market share for the year 2013 in the United States

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