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A vote for confederation is a vote for a stronger country. Ladies and gentlemen, I, Samuel Leonard Tilley son of united empire loyalists born in Gagetown New Brunswick I am here to tell you that confederation is our choice if we want stay strong. If we join together and trust in God we will find power from all of the colonies united in one country. I am proud to say I have spoken about the benefits of confederation and attended the conferences in Charlottetown, Quebec, and London. I am a dedicated supporter of confederation and hope you too will see the benefits of uniting our countries. Why confederation you ask? Let me tell you about the importance of strength in numbers. our neighbors to the South (US) and North (Alaska) are trying to make their way into British North America to take over more land. Because we are divided into small colonies it is difficult for us to fight against the power of the U.S. Confederation would join our country from sea to sea. We could be a country of power. The U.S would have a hard…show more content…
A railway is the answer. If we build a railway from sea to sea, East to West we can join together. It will allow for trade between all colonies and communication and travel across the vast country. What are the benefits of confederation? improved power.confederation is the key to improved trade amongst the colonies. With improved trade comes increased power of purchasing luxuries. This means better life for the working class people. There would be more employment and higher wages because of better trade. Confederation means power. Some would fear that the small colonies will lose the identity if we join together as one. I say NO! confederation on the other hand would allow each colony to maintain its unique identity while having all the benefits of having a strong, powerful nation. Colonies would still have a voice for their own people. No one will lose their own identity, only gain more

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