Buchenwald Concentration Camp Essay

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Buchenwald Buchenwald is a concentration camp that forced their prisoners to work or they would get killed. This camp was made in 1937. It is important to have knowledge about the holocaust so this won’t happen in the future and it shows us how cruel people can be to a race. Buchenwald served as one of the many hundredths concentration camps that did this to all types of races. This concentration camp was strict of its work and how it was done. Buchenwald concentration camp is located in Mount Ettersberg seven kilometers north from weimar Germany. Most of the prisoners in Buchenwald concentration camp where jews, non-jews, political prisoners and other types of races.Buchenwald was a labor camp but this camp also had a crematoria.…show more content…
Around 56,000 of the total prisoners in Buchenwald camp died of harsh conditions , got killed by diseases ,infections, getting experimented on and died, getting beat to death, starvation ,lack of hygiene , and even worked to death (Buchenwald Concentration Camp). After the war Buchenwald concentration camp turned into a museum after they fought for their liberation. Buchenwald concentration camp was known to be a labor camp but it also had a crematoria. Buchenwald camp did do experiments on the prisoners they also did series of vaccinations and treatments for contagious diseases such as cholera, typhus, diphtheria, and typhoid. There is a lot of things that are unique about Buchenwald camp for instance the name of this camp changed from konzentrationslager Ettersberg to konzentrationslager Buchenwald. another unique thing about this camp is that part of it was built by the prisoners themselves.this camp was also one of the largest concentration

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