Comparing Grey's Anatomy And Gender Stereotypes

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competent and can attain power. When we think about the stereotypes that men are more intelligent and respectable while women are mothers and housewives, Greys Anatomy switches it up and shows equality between the sexes. Although more of the attending surgeons are male, the problem solving is equally split between the males and the females. Another gender role that we see broken in the series is how women are usually the ones concerned with their personal relationships. In this case both genders engage in relationship discussions. For example Meredith Grey talks to Christina Yang about her personal life while Derek Sheppard shares his thoughts with Mark Sloan or Owen Hunt. Christina Yang and Arizona Robbins do a good job of breaking the stereotype that all women want children. They make it clear to their lovers that they have no intentions on having kids. Another stereotype broken in this series relates to race. Normally we see African Americans as servants or housecleaners in television shows, but in Grey’s Anatomy two powerful positions…show more content…
Greys Anatomy is a great representation of the Functionalist Theory. This theory states that all of the institutions within a society are closely connected and related. Every single part of society contributes to the society’s stability. The hospital in this series, named Seattle Grace, is a small society that contains many departments, doctors, interns, nurses, patients and others. Each element has to work together to achieve success. If one of them does not play their part it could affect the entire hospital. There have been many times throughout the series that one mistake caused the whole system to be at risk. Most of these situations result in losing a patient because of the environment they are in, but there are also personal situations between the characters where they all need to work together to get through

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