Role Of Media In Business Communication

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Business Communication Student’s Name Course code+ name Professor’s name University name Date of submission PART A Introduction Business communication involves sharing of vital information in a given firm or organization that is geared towards profit making. It is also regarded as an official statement for commercial gains. Business communication is aimed at promoting the products or services of a given organization to the target consumers. To communicate effectively, one must understand the basics of business communication and the choice of media. One must also choose whether to use verbal or non-verbal communication to reach to the target audience. Types of Business Communication Business communication takes various forms…show more content…
This implies that the nature of communication applied in a certain business communication determines the success in convincing the consumers about the available products or services. Secondly, one should learn to ask the right questions. This is only possible if one takes time to understand the clients’ needs and tailor the goods and services according to such needs (Donald, 2013). Therefore, one should be able to ask questions in regards to the challenges they are facing. A clear understanding of the needs of the consumers makes it possible to pitch the services or goods in way that they meet their…show more content…
In business communication, one should try to use the most interactive media as possible. This is because this provides a two-way means of communication in such a way that the receiver can enquire, ask questions as well as criticize. On the other hand, the sender/ caller can respond accordingly to the needs of the client. The following are some of the business communications channels that can be used to facilitate effective communication; Face-to-face An effective business communication should be in a position to facilitate sharing of information regarding the service or products. It should be able to establish a close connection and interactions between the parties involved. Face to face communication creates a personal connection to enhance the possibility of selling the product. The interactions involved in face to face communications is more appealing as opposed to written communication (Roy &Berko, et al, 2010, p 9). This is simply because it is easy to observe the tone, pitch as well as the body language. It also facilitates immediate response as the interactions are quicker as opposed to emails or any other form of written communication (Newman and Scott, 2013 p. 18). Clients can as well as ask questions in regards to their needs and wants. Hence, decisions are made

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